Session 3 Production Project

Cash Love Production

Creative Commons image Money by Pictures of Money at Flickr


Our goal was to make a one minute film, with me, the editor specifically having to use a J cut, organization of video files, and a rhythm to the edits.

21st Century Skills

This project required a lot of communication and collaboration as we first wanted to film this outside of school so we needed to communicate. This didn’t happen but I still needed to communicate with the sound designer in order to make the sound work.

The Film

Reactions to Final Version

The editor reviewing our film stated “Good flow and was smoothly done”. A peer editor, (who didn’t review the final cut) stated “Noticed ripples and audio that were obviously not intentional.”. The issues stated however, were fixed in the final cut.

Evaluation of Final Version

This film had some of the criteria of the success acronym, but some weren’t. The film was kind of simple, but was a bit confusing in the execution. The film did portray different emotions through the characters. The ending was fairly expected as the money was shown in the beginning of the film. The film was concrete because an argument about money is a relatively easy concept to grasp.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned the basics of Premiere Pro and editing, including natural cuts and things like a J cut. We had a problem where two scenes that had a question and answer were supposed to be in the same shot, but the camera and the actor were moved slightly between scenes. This was solved by putting and insert shot between the question shot and the answer shot in order to cover up the camera and actor’s movement.