Session 1 Production Project

The Big Case Production

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We had three weeks to come up with, shoot, and edit a 1 minute or less video. I was the screenwriter, with a goal of creating a beginning middle and end to the film.

21st Century Skills

Our film process required a lot of communication and collaboration, because we had our director and cinematographer gone for many days during pre production and production. This also required problem solving, as we needed to get a fellow cinematographer to hold the camera one day during production.

The (FILM, SOUND, or GAME Creation)

Reactions to Final Version

Our film received a lot of critique. The panel came to a consensus that the film needed and ending after the punchline, and that there was too much buildup to the joke. Additionally, the panel stated that the story was too dialogue heavy and that more should have been shown through actions rather than speaking. However, a fellow screenwriter, Dylan said that he liked the idea of the entire story being a joke.

Evaluation of Final Version

Our film had elements of everything in the success acronym, however it did not show any part of the acronym completely. While it is a simple plot, the film’s portrayal of the story was a bit confusing. there was an unexpected punchline at the end, however due to time we could not portray the punchline in an effective way, which confused some of the panel. The film was concrete, but had too much dialogue to effectively help the story.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned that visuals are more important than dialogue. Visual storytelling is more engaging than verbal storytelling and should most likely be the main way to tell a story. A hard part was making the dialogue sound natural. I solved this problem by modifying the dialogue on set to make it sound natural.

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