Text Analysis: Up in the Air

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  • Firing scenes were originally comedic but were rewritten to be more serious.
  • This was done because, at the current time, many people had been fired
  • This was done by having people who had been fired act as the people being fired.


  • They were limited in shooting in the airport
  • They had a set time frame where they could shoot in an actual airport
  • They shot everything during the TSA scenes, cut it down, then saw what they were missing


  • The characters had small things to flirt over, but couldn’t move faster because of this
  • They couldn’t speed the romance without it seeming unnatural
  • They have George and Vera do an improv scene.


  • The Cutout
  • He needed something to do when flying
  • They added the cutout to the movie


  • Boss’s character showed through his objects
  • It helps to show his character
  • They had bought all the items, but don’t focus on it


  • The camera establishes an eye line in the small office scene with a lot of movement
  • The actors move around in the office a lot
  • Planned shots so that the eye line doesn’t change a lot


  • “you can look with your eyes but not with your head”
  • It shows the feeling of Natalie in the scene
  • She only looks with her eyes


  • Dinner/Lunch scenes: should the actors be eating or not
  • It shows how important their conversations are
  • The actors don’t eat their food because what they’re saying is more important


  • Filming on small screens was filmed on big screens
  • Small screens are hard to focus on without it looking pixelated
  • They recreated the texts on a laptop-sized screen


  • Music choice
  • If a song is right or wrong, it will make you feel right or wrong
  • Reitman picks songs while writing


  • Flopping a shot
  • In order to make the scene seem different
  • They mirrored the shot

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